Karolina Novak


Below are some of the Artists who have exhibited at Horus & Deloris. Select an artist to view the individual page with information about each artist and their work.

Skye Andrew

Mel Bligh

Quillan Brodie

Monika Behrens

Victoria Boulter-Groening

Jamie Boys

Inge Buschmann

Janet Carter

Yvette Coppersmith

Nina Davis

Rhonda Dee

Judith Duquemin

Nola Farman

Jess Fisher

Louis FitzGerald

Honor Freeman

Chas Glover






Tim Gregory

Jan Guy

Lyndal Hargrave

Robert Hawkins

Jo and Jess

Claude Jones

Miki Kubo

Liang Jia Haur

Marie Littlewood

William Lungas

Wade Marynowsky

Chris McGirr

Martin McEwen

Paul McNeil

Milanda De Mont

Lena Obergfell

Karolina Novak




Jirat James Patradoon

Janet Parker Smith

Ann Maree Reaney

Mona Ryder

Koji Ryui

Justin Shoulder

Lauren Simeoni

Anke Stäcker

Janet Telecki

Benjamin Townsend

Wang Yi-Hui

Michael Waite

Brian Walker

Sunny Wang

Sasha Ruth Woolley

Michele Zarro


Exhibitions: Group Shows

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Below are some of the group shows that have exhibited at Horus & Deloris. Select a show below.

Into The Jungle

Don't Tell Nanna (+ A Point of Surrender Jamie Boys)

Comic Stripped

Succint Sheep Sabotage

The Surface of Painting







Shaping Perspectives

Panorama + Habseligkeiten

New Landscapes + Other Things

Video Killed The Radio Star




Evolving Madly Mark Making

NYOU + Erewhons

Drawings From Where We Are


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