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Permanent Cache

Wouldn't it be good if you could commit things to a permanent cache? If such a place existed where you could file and store the details of life without the anxiety of losing them over time, or forgetting the parts of your own history that make you you? In a world where you are what you have, what kind of weight is held by what you keep and what you throw away? And what about the things you lose?

Permanent Cache at Horus and Deloris addresses the old chestnut of identity as it is explored in the work of three young Sydney artists describing three distinct personal and cultural worlds. Each is interested in bringing aspects of this world to life: by the animating a chosen object, by inhabiting a character or by preserving a memory.

Obergfell utilises ignored and discarded objects to examine the everyday as signifiers for local culture, and through their adoption and reanimation negotiates her place within it. Similarly, Novak's works draw on memory and the nostalgia inherent in childhood or vintage objects including photographs as biographical and autobiographical devices. Shoulder opens a little window onto his fantastical world of dark creatures, each representative of an essence of character and each with its own story to tell.


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