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Ben Brown, Emily Hasslehoof, Ross Radiation, Julie Doye Glenn Smith, Nadia Jellymonstar, Ben Hutchings juliet Ramone, MichaelGraham, Marcella Mitchell Anton Emdin, Louise Graber, David Puckeridge Pteri Dacht-ullman & Lark


Ben Brown is a Sydney based illustrator, designer and artist.
He has worked for a mixed variety of clients for over twenty years. His commissions range across publishing, clothing apparel and the music industry. He has designed an extensive range of music posters for performers like Silverchair, Nirvana, Fat Boy Slim, You am I, Pearl Jam and the Hoodoo Gurus, as well as events including the Big Day Out, Good Vibrations Festival, Homebake, The Falls Festival and others. He contributes a regular comic strip to notorious surfing publication 'stab', and provides illustration for many other titles. Ben also provides graphics to cover all manner of clothing for clients like insight, mambo, globe, oneill, rip curl, ocean & earth, nice produce and supply. He has a new solo show coming up this December at the National Grid Gallery in Sydney.
Visit to see Bens work.
For Julie Doye teenage angst has paid off well and now she's bored and old....but she's still making art about it. A painter, illustrator, cartoonist, installation and chalk pavement artist her work has been extensively exhibited in the underground haunts of Sydney and Melbourne and is held in private collections around the world. Visit

Ross Tesoriero (AKA Radiation) has been creating and contributing art and cartoons to various zines and small-press publications since 1995. His self publsihed work includes the titles Radiation Sickness, Entrailer Trash (with Glenn Smith) and If Pain Persists (with Anton Emdin), he has also contributed to numerous publications including Sick Puppy Comix, Blackguard, Phatsville and Unbelievably Bad. Ross currently lives in Marrickville and works as an illustrator, graphic designer, multimedia developer, animation teacher and manages the band Bosom. Ross creates gig posters, websites, animated music videos, CD & DVD packaging, T-shirt designs and the occasional painting. His artwork is influenced by underground comix, psychedelic posters, classic animation, absurd humour, expolitation films and horror movies. He is considerably hairy. Visit to see more

Louise Graber. Born Melbourne. Grew up in Canberra. Left to study Graphic Design at Sydney College of the Arts.
Solo art exhibitions in Sydney in the 80's. Illustrated Pop Stars in Countdown Magazine in the late 80's.
Created graphic novel Black Light Angels in the 90's. Lives in Sydney.

Cartoonist Ben Hutchings' main love is comics and he's been trying to draw them for 16 years.
He's created 26 comic books with titles such as 'You Stink & I Don't', 'Glenjamin' and 'Comics of Smallness' which appear in those little underground shops around Australia.
His strip 'Tales From the Pub' appears weekly in Picture (page 36 if you want to avoid embarrassment) and is in it's fourth year, while his much-loved 'Lesson Master' appears in a spin-off mag.
Ben lives in Melbourne, where he has recently discovered the art of cartoon dioramas, and is currently working on his second cartoon diorama show, "Open the Stereo Ark". His work can be seen at

Pteri Dacht-Ullman is that guy in the Pterodactylman costume you may have spied darting about at various music festivals and markets over the last decade or so. He occasionally writes and draws humorous haiku for Pterodactylman Zine but lately in the guise of 'DJ Pterodactylman' he has been creating live noiseloops
using lots of obscure opshop records, random youtube videos and various bizarre 1950's personal hygeine training movie soundtracks. Pteri has been forced to undergo years of intensive manga management.. all to no avail
as his new tryptych 'Look Back In Manga' dramatically asserts.."

Anton Emdin Works as a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and comic artist for over 15 years, he has drawn for numerous magazines, including Rolling Stone, FHM, People, Penthouse, and MAD, as well as local and international underground comix. When he's not drawing, Anton relaxes in his jelly-filled, olympic-sized swimming pool, being fed meat pies and beer by buxom beauties bearing bare breasts beneath brown bearskin bikinis. He is also a fan of alliteration, but hates swizzle sticks. You can view more of Anton's work at

Glenn "glenno" Smith. Freelance/mercenary illustrator and pratical surrealist. Likes to rock and writes songs that are catchy, inciteful and stupid. pays his rent with solitary skills and staying clear of potential bosses. off the dole (completely) for five plus years but still managing to avoid adulthood in most of its forms. has exceded all personal expectations of himself and keeps having to make up future ambitions as the needs present themselves. in love with wife gina and more then happy with the way both cats, cha-chi and pish are turning out. looking forward to being ross's best man, commanding an army of vengeful cats and affordable space travel. see

Emily Hasselhoof is an artist who draws ,paints, sews, tours in her band B.A.A.D.D.D and is an expert in ponies!
she has a pop surrealist style depicting fantastic scenes of ponies, candies and girls tripping out in the cosmos.
Emily has spent all her life drawing and developing her style and discovering new ways to express her art!
She has created textile and shirt designs using silkscreen, applique and hand dye techniques.
She has released comic books which are all hand printed,painted huge murals and done some cheeky graffiti. She has exhibited all around the world from japan to San Francisco to Europe and has recently opened her own artist run gallery with co-director kake called Pyramid projects and the fashion boutique "Hoofkake", both in Brunswick, Melbourne.

michealgraham's comixwork appeared during the late 80's to mid 90's in the seminal Sydney underground publication 'Pounding Tales' and lowbrow magazine 'Eddie'. At the same time his 'Mud-Men of Oxford/King St' run thru issues of musicpresses 'On The Street' & 'Drum Media', then later in Newtown's community publication 'The Bridge'.
Other strips and article illustration also appeared in 'Encore', 'B+T', 'The Prowler', 'Kookabura', 'Rolling Stone', 'The Bondi View', 'Hot Metal' and 'Fox'(UK). More recently michealgraham has worked for The Australian Museum, Sydney Library and has run small press workshops for Woollahra Council. michealgraham worked as a freelance designer during late 90 and 00's, in layout, cd and web design, with work being displayed at Sydney Opera House 'SoundScene' 02 show. michealgraham was also a finalist in the first City of Sydney 'City of Villages' art prize in 06.
While continuing to do small design work, and being employed in a bookshop, michealgraham now concentrates on his continually evolving breaking down of portraitures, often resulting in personal work done for friends.
The work in this show are first time showings of recent experimenting with the idea of sequential narrative often layered over one plane of surreal viewing. It includes marker pen drawing, colored pencils, painting, and collage. It also shows some previously published comix pieces that have never been seen together as a whole, or selected panels given solo display.

Where for art thou juliet? Juliet Ramone was outcast from her hometown of Wannagett, in the outer Western suburbs of Sidernee, for her outrages views on the reining faith of 'clicheism', despite questioning the point of it all she did manage to finished her schooling at Wannagett High before seeking out another way of life...."I wanna publish zines and rage against machines " she said. So she dug her way underground, with a kit full of weapons of mass construction she could to re-write cliche's and was free from the simplistic complexities of the superficial life of the surface....she never really knew whether she would make it back alive, what with grunge being dead and all.... weapons of mass construction... Round One....ready fight!

Nadia Jellymonstar. I have been a practising artist for about 18 years or so on and off. I have exhibited in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Brisbane. I paint,sculpt and draw. My work is mostly about and of me,a reaction to the world around me physically,spiritually,mentally and emotionally. It is kinda quirky and tends to be a bit tongue in cheek or has an element of horror about it. I would describe it as comic/naive/pop surrealist.
Lark is based in Canberra. He writes and draws short comics that sometimes find their way into zines around the place, including recent issues of Blackguard and Yuck!.
Some are entirely fictional, some are taken from real life and embellished a little. Occasionally they make some kind of statement or observation about the world, often they are just puerile and pointless.
He works as a conservator, and likes tinkering with things.





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