Rhonda Dee , 'Stag' (detail)

Press Release

Exhibition Opening: Dis-solutions

New works by Rhonda Dee

Horus and Deloris Contemporary Art Space

Opening Night: Wednesday 18th April, 6-8pm.

Exhibition Dates: 19th April – 2nd May, 2007

Artist Statement

I was born near the border of Texas and Mexico in a hybrid of Native American, Latino and Anglo culture.  This rich, often explosive mix of circumstances has shaped my approach to life and art making.  An atmosphere of geo-cultural fragmentation persists at the core of my artistic practice.

'Dis-solutions' is an exhibition which explores the ambiguity of self in contemporary society. I use polyester films (Mylar) and acrylic paint to explore the fleeting, layered, translucent qualities of the subjective body.  My aim is to create a visual field in which the animated “skin” of my paintings occupies a space between dissolution and re-formation. Images hover between multiple identities, ready to dissolve back into the polymer ‘primordial soup’ from which they came. By defying standard image categorizations, the work in this exhibition focuses on identity formation, dissolution and dissolve.  

My process involves eroding, staining, and changing the temperature of the film’s surface to further push the boundaries of the image making process. Some paintings combine film and canvas, while others are combinations of multiple sheets of film which hang suspended from the wall and project into the social space of the gallery.The suspended works occupy the room as one more skin amongst a limitless series of self projections.

*High resolution images are available if required, please contact the Director Caroline Wales using the contact details below.


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