Milanda De Mont, ‘Fusion #10'. Water base enamel acrylic on convas, 2007, 170cm x 90cm.

Press Release

Exhibition Opening : Flow

Performance painting by Milanda De Mont

Horus and Deloris Contemporary Art Space


Opening Night:
Wednesday 12th September, 6-8pm.

Exhibition Dates:
13th – 26th September, 2007


Special Preview Viewing

Monday 10th September, with artist talk at 7pm.

by Monday 3rd September



FLOW - Painting Performance #12 & Performance Painting Exhibition

Performance is synonymous with Milanda de Mont’s paintings. Unlike many artists who paint only in the privacy of their studios, De Mont makes her creative process public. She paints before an audience, turning it into a performance much like the action painting of American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. However, De Mont’s performances do not progress in silence nor are they solitary. The artist who has worked with and is influenced by German artist Barbara Heinisch, a former pupil of Josef Beuys is known for her fusion of the three art forms of visual arts, dance and music.

De Mont’s latest project FLOW curated by Rachael Kiang attests to her interdisciplinary approach.  It is realized in collaboration with dancer Vanessa Sew Hoy and violinist Quyen Le which will culminate in a painting performance at Horus & Deloris on the opening night of Wednesday 12th September and an exhibition of her performance paintings till 26th September.  As well, a film documenting the collaborative art making process for this very project will be on show.

Inter-cultural collaboration is central to De Mont’s work. Inspired by her Armenian and Persian origin, De Mont is keen to explore the confluences and unions of the East and the West which has led to many a collaboration with various cultures. FLOW continues on this course, this time, with an Asian-Australian dancer and violinist.

De Mont’s performance will capture a key part of her creative process while her paintings are the reflection and outcome of her artistic synergies. The lively brushstrokes of her paintings are characterisically abound with energy and movement. FLOW depicts a holistic,

inclusive picture of De Mont’s art practice where the performance animates her paintings and the paintings complete her performance. FLOW will see the introduction of a new element in that an installation piece will be created for and incorporated into the performance. The question of painting and its relationship with three-dimensionality would be brought to the fore and the body will assume a position of prime focus.

About the artist

Milanda de Mont is a successful, full time established contemporary artist based in Australia and Germany. de Mont is of Armenian origin born in Iran, raised and educated in Australia, USA and Germany, and speaks four languages fluently.

Working  and regularly exhibiting in the directions of abstraction and performance painting both  nationally and internationally, she has twice won the prestigious Goethe-Institut Inter Ntiones Scholarship,  has collaborated with German artists and with Europe’s famous “Kunstakademie Düsseldorf”. She was one of 15 artists invited by the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes in Munich to show her works at the International Artists Symposium & Seminar in Weimar and Berlin. She has received prestigious exhibition invitations by the Director of Culture in Edogawa City, Tokyo, Australian Ballet Patrons Programme in Sydney and has held major solos at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery.  In  2006 the  National Gallery of Armenia, in Yerevan held a major retrospective exhibition of her works as well as her live painting performance in an artistic collaboration with Armenia’s renowned Sayat Nova Ensemble. Also in 2006,  she held a well received exhibition at the Galerie Bredeney in Essen Germany. Most recently she was selected one of top 6 Finalists of the national, multi – disciplinary Audi TT Art Prize 2007.

Milanda de Mont is represented by Harris Courtin Gallery in Sydney, Bredeney Gallery in Essen, Germany, Tatevos Arakyan Gallery and National Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan. Her paintings are in the collections in major Capital cities of Australia, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Essen, Amsterdam, Yerevan (Armenia), Tokyo, Barbados and New Zealand.

De Mont will be holding a solo exhibition of her recent painting performance works and her multi-disciplinary live performance FLOW on 12 September at Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space in Pyrmont, following her solo exhibition of recent abstract works on 2 October at Harris Courtin Gallery in Paddington, Sydney in 2007.


*Works will be available for preview, by appointment from the 13th August and high resolution images are available if required, please contact the Director Caroline Wales.



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