Press Release

Four Artists/Three Mediums
1st March – 19th April, 2006

Horus & Deloris, Contemporary Art Space
102 Pyrmont Street Pyrmont
9660 6071
Gallery hours: Wed – Fri 11am – 5pm, Sat 11am-3pm

Four Artists/Three Mediums exhibition at the gallery Horus & Deloris in Pyrmont from 1st March – 19th April features exciting and original art from four Australian artists; Jess Fisher, William Lungas, Sunny Wang and Quillan Brodie. The materials are diverse and include glass, ceramic and wood cut.

Sunny Wang has included two series’ of glass in the exhibition. Her Cell works encompass the basic building blocks of life – in fact they extends life. Meanwhile, her Chinese Character Series is full of imagination and imagery, carrying the wisdom of our ancestors.

Jess Fisher’s Red Dagon piece uses the fragile medium of glass to create a support network where each piece relies on its partner for stability. “We are stronger when we stand together than when we stand alone,” says Jess.

William Lungas has used Ceramics in his piece Delicious. William says his work is open to interpretation. “This group of containers exists because they contain an idea, perhaps the viewer sees the same idea?” he questions.

Quillan Brodie is in his honours year BFA, at CoFA majoring in printmaking. He says his work in wood cuts are fundamentally about death, being that their history lies in the death and decomposition of the subject deer. However, according to Quillan, “the work doesn't declare itself, rather, I have tried to ennoble the subject, like a memorial, a monument to what came before for my deer, before our series of encounters.”

Horus & Deloris is a relatively new gallery in Pyrmont. Gallery director Caroline Wales sees the space as a middle ground for emerging artists who are seeking out a professional space to exhibit.

Pictured works, left to right: William Lungas 'Delicious', Quillan Brodie ‘Homage to a dead Warrior: The Ballad of Brodie Calloway’, Sunny Wang 'Red Happiness' and Jess Fisher 'Red Dragon'.




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