Press Release

Exhibition Opening: The Outing

Dale Gorfinkel – vibraphone deconstructionist
Tim Gregory – conceptual artist/theorist and part time porpoise trainer

Horus and Deloris Contemporary Art Space

Closing Night Performance & Drinks: Saturday 14th April, 7-9pm.

Exhibition Dates: 11th – 14th April, 2007



Convergence is very now. Multi-Media is the term artists use to avoid an inevitable post-structural smack down. Today artists appear like still births; undefined and a terrible disappointment to their parents. Art and music are stitched together in video, installation and performance. Cubase™ echo is the new Photoshop™ blur. But is that the end of the story?

THE OUTING throws a musician (Dale Gorfinkel) and an artist (Tim Gregory) into a blank space for four days to see what will happen. Will the post-human Artician/Musist emerge, or just two wired, depressed former friends? THE OUTING is not a translation nor is it a didactic composition, it is a conversation in two languages. Will the conversation transcend hand gestured directions to the Opera House? Find out the answers to these questions and many more at THE OUTING.


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