Pictured Works: ‘Post Pucker Lips’, Jo Cuzzi & Scary D, Mixed Media, 2010.



Gallery One


PRE-MEDICATED: Jo Cuzzi, Scary D, Emma Pressman

Way up, way down and way out, in the suburbs, on the beach and in the jungle the sense of imminent disaster wrestles genres and provokes uncertainty in an anti-climatic, multidimensional cardboard crisis which flattens and reconstructs itself in an unpredictable montage of various proportions. Jo Cuzzi in collaboration with Scary D and Emma Pressman presents a diorama drama series, video and installation works.




Pictured Work: , ‘Super Ripple’ (detail), David Peddle, Oil on Linen, 2009..


Gallery Two


DAVID PEDDLE: The World Doesn't Revolve Around You

David Peddle welcomes you into his colourful world and SUPERDOOPER HYPERDOME of RADICAL NON-REPRESENTATIVE Paintings. Through a process of exploratory elimination and faux-frenetic daubing, he seeks to explore the notion that the world truly does not revolve around him...Or does it?

Peddle graduated from the National Art School BFA in 2008 and has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne & Wollongong. His work is part of several private and public collections. Horus & Deloris are delighted to support Peddle in his first solo show in 2010.


Opening Night

Please join us for opening night drinks on
Wednesday, 10th March, from 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition Dates

11th March - 31st March, 2010


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