Wade Marynowsky ‘Happy Luna Disaster ’ 2007 (detail)

Press Release

Exhibition Opening: Souvenir

Wade Marynowsky

Horus and Deloris Contemporary Art Space

Opening Night: Wednesday 21st March, 6-8pm.

Exhibition Dates: 22nd March – 4th April, 2007



Wade Marynowsky is a Sydney based new media artist working in audio - visual performance, installation, music and video. Wade is currently a doctoral candidate in electronic arts (DCA) at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) where he is researching the history and theory of robotic art. Receiving his master of fine arts (MFA) at the college of fine arts in 2000.

Souvenir is an exhibition that critically and humorously explores notions of Australiana. Presented are re-worked found images, painting, video, sculptural objects and printed digital video abstractions.

‘Media theorist Paul Virilio believes that each new technological innovation brings the potential for its corresponding accidents. As the artist, I seek to draw parallels between digital accidents and specific ones in Australian history.'
Wade Marynowsky.

The abstractions start out as video recordings made whilst visiting particular theme and National parks. For example Abstract Convicts, Flogged was made by digitally processing video footage shot at the now closed theme park “Old Sydney Town”. The source recording is of a re-enacted convict flogging.

For the show at Horus & Deloris, Wade is developing custom built software to explore digital accidents in relation to specific and personally experienced accidents in Australian history.

*High resolution images are available if required, please contact the Director Caroline Wales at the information below.


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