David Peddle - Madeleine Cruise - Huw Lewis

Players unite!!!
In Succinct Sheep Sabotage.
With colour and thread we brush and stitch, rework and invent the musings of your macabre and magical dreams.
It is an uber game of ultimate fantasy, seen and whispered, yet never before holding the stage.
Together we bring the smelliest of rodents and sweetest of dreams from your imagination and discover the crunch of cockroaches between soft layers of sponge cake.
It is a dance of the deadliest kind, where you can chase down dancing deli demons in the park of priceless pleasure and stroke that fury reptile that lays in your lap.
As no stone is left unturned no thought is left unsketched, ye must lick lick lick that unearthly delight that drips before you!
We: Cruise, Peddle and Lewis are your amateurs of all time, imminent stars of the tuckshop, - we see all and dare to share.
As whimsical train robbers we have jumped aboard your worst nightmare and sweetest of thoughts and sabotaged the deplorable truth.
The succinct world is over.
This Spring,
Make way for the sheep.





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