Inge Buschmann ‘Left Behind’ 80x100cm, acrylic on canvas, 2005 (detail)

Exhibition Opening: Surprising Encounters

New work by German painter Inge Buschmann

Horus and Deloris Contemporary Art Space

Opening Night: 31st January, 6-8pm.

Exhibition will be officially opened by Klaus Krischok, Director of the Goethe Institut (Sydney).

Exhibition Dates: February 1st – 21st, 2007



Tracking down Inge Buschmann’s paintings isn’t as easy as it seems at first sight.

It’s interesting to know that the artist changes her residence half yearly between Germany and Australia but doesn’t neglect her occupation with brush and paint. The move is done in an experienced way and it’s obvious that the identity of her work is not based on two distinct sides. Buschmann rather draws from the entirety of experience that such a bi-locality can offer.

The work at issue has been produced in Hamburg and Byron Bay in recent years and doesn’t show specific Down Under or Hamburg line. Ultimately, it’s the manifestation of carrying one’s home in oneself at any place. The ability to stretch the space of recollection on new worlds increases the scope of narrative abstraction in painting, too.

Getting closer to the meaning of Inge Buschmann’s motives, the narrative develops reflexively. The themes seem to be present images of a past whose situations and stories touch the good times in us like an old acquaintance. Surely, a certain melancholic element is obvious despite the often disassociating perspective – Whether at the dance of the Golden Anniversary or the glance at the closed sunshade in front of floating greenery.

It doesn’t seem to be important for Buschmann’s work whether persons appear or don’t. There are celebrating people, a street scene, a solitary sunshade at night-time, or a shadow of a balustrade. They’re images that the artist usually passing picks up and which become the sound inventory of her culture of remembrance.

Inge Buschmann plays more intuitively with the symbolism of her depiction. Whereas a yellow and black sign is both a formal means and a warning signal, it is difficult to notice such a multidirectional complex in 5 Wheelbarrows. Like the laconically named Golden Anniversary, Capri, and Sunshade at the Lapa Palace, the painting 5 wheelbarrow offers a projection rather than a supposedly decipherable code. The relation of the objects to each other and their interaction or situation in space creates an atmosphere that is held by the clear structure of the pictures.

The title Surprising Encounters might sound like a quandary but it actually hints at the dealings with subjects of remembrance and is part solution, too. Surprising Encounters are only possible if you move.

Anton C. Kunze, Hamberg.

Courtesy of the artist


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