Jamie Boys

A POINT OF SURRENDER is an experiment in adaptation, information transference and learned behaviour. This exhibition will present the insights gained by adopting the principles of Zen Buddhism, in order to transform and evolve by abandoning the familiar, through the deconstruction of practice. The works display the outcome of placing the figure within a foreign environment and subjecting the body to constructed limitations and artificial barriers, to observe the physical and psychological transformations that take place. The show explores the process of internal transmutation by re-training motor neurons therefore altering the physical and psychological characteristics of the body on a cellular level. It's a journey into self awareness and an attempt to redefine the creative process.
A POINT OF SURRENDER is a return to primordial origins of animal instinct, intuitive actions and unconscious acts of an inner knowledge. JB
After Completing a Diploma in Arts (Visual Arts) at RMIT in 2000, Jamie then went on to complete a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Painting at the Victorian College of The Arts. In 2003 during his Bachelor Degree Jamie was selected as a finalist for the Wallara Travelling Scholarship and was awarded the Kerley Travelling Scholarship where he spent 5 months in 2002 on a study exchange at the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancover, Canada. In 2004 he was 1 of 4 Artists to represent the Victorian College of the Arts at Perth's Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA). Since completing his studies, Jamie has exhibited regularly in Melbourne and Sydney as well as internationally. He has spent the last 6 years developing his work through a number of mediums such as painting, video based installation work, photography and sculpture. During this period, Jamie has received a number of accolades including 3rd prize in the 2007 Linden Postcard show and has been a finalist in the Collie Print Trust Award as well as the Melbourne Airports Innovators Award. In 2007 he was selected for 'OFF THE WALL': a showcase of emerging Artist at Art Melbourne 07 and in 2008 was included in Renault's NEW GENERATION selection at Art Sydney. In 2003 ARTBANK acquired two of his paintings for their collection, one of which was featured on their 2008 Christmas card. His work has also featured in FRANKIE Magazine (issue #7 Oct/Nov 2005) and on the front cover of ART GALLERY GUIDE AUSTRALIA (Jan/Feb edition 2007). 2010 has seen Jamie selected as a finalist for the Williamstown Art Prize and the Brunswick Street Gallery Work on Paper Art Prize. Jamie Boys currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria.



We've let the place run wild. We've cut up the mattresses, burnt out the light globes and remixed the old records but shhh - Don't tell Nanna!

Join the artists for opening night drinks on Wednesday 28 July, 6-8pm, and discover a space that puts a sassy, contemporary spin on the old saying 'Home Sweet Home.'

A space for nostalgia, introspection and rebellion. Where objects past their use-by-date are re-im¬agined, unleashing hallucinatory alter-egos. Where erotic literature and traditional crafts are inter¬twined. A space in which generational attitudes and stereotypes relating to gender, femininity and domesticity are challenged.

Artworks act as evidence of controversial and confronting acts, questioning established perspectives. Extending beyond the realm of a physical relative, information considered subversive could also be concealed from institutions and individuals representative of 'Nanna'. Who is protecting who when it comes to secrecy? Have you ever done something you didn't want to tell Nanna about?

Working together at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney inspired emerging female artists- Ella Condon, Bridie Connell, Sarah Contos, Micaela Giffney, Leahlani Johnson, Bernadette Jones and Nicola Walkerden to collaborate. Let photographic, assemblage, installation, sculptural, textile and 2-D works take you on a journey of revelations. After all, what Nanna doesn't know can't hurt her... or can it? NW




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