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‘Red Happiness'

Sunny Wang

Blown Overlay, Cut & Hand Finished

27 x 23 x 19cmr

'Four Artists | Three Mediums'

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Artist Statement

Cell Series

The cell is the basic building block of life; it also extends life. Viewed under a microscope, the purity and beauty of cells is enchanting yet untouchable. Through my work, I seek to enlarge cells and let people touch them. I hope that people will be able to touch the forms of the cells and contemplate how these tiny things are the source of life. This series represents the essence of life.

Chinese Characters Series

I like the simplicity and silence that one feels when practicing Chinese calligraphy. I believe that Chinese characters make up the world’s most beautiful writing system. They are full of imagination and imagery, and they carry the wisdom of our ancestors. My use and choice of Chinese characters is based on my observations, experiences, preferences and inspiration. In my work, the legibility of the characters is not the focus; instead, I seek to present a symbolic image that the public will appreciate. The characters used reflect my experience and my passion for life.


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