Image Still by Wade Marynowsky Meditation for G8, 2008. 20min video performance, Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Japan

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Gallery One & Two


A.L.A, Wade Marynowsky, Nathan Babet, Nick Brown, Janet Carter,

Tamara Lorenz, Lena Obergfell, Tim Chadwick


Opening Night

Please join us for opening night drinks on
Wednesday, 6th May, from 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition Dates

6th – 20th May, 2009

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On the 7/6/06 at 21:11 the Artist Liberation Army (ALA) carried out an action at the Sydney Biennale. The objective

of the operation was to kidnap a figure from Anthony Gormley’s “Asian Field.” The operation was a complete success.

The hostage is revealed in public for the first time in Final Warning. The hostage will be executed unless ALA’s

demands are met.


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Lena Obergfell

The video takes my dislocation into a confined space. I find myself in a situation where i cannot possibly fit in.

Unfortunately I ruined my favorite raincoat.


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Nathan Babet


Nestled in the mountains that border the regions of Moravia and Bohemia within the Czech Republic, lies an almost ghostly town by the name of Moravský Karlouv. Once a thriving village inhabited by a Sudeten Deutsch population of 1,800, it now lies dormant evoking imagery of a bygone era. In attempting to retrace my Grandfather's steps, underlying notions of 'the uncanny' begin to emerge.

With a blood-line descent that is in part ‘Sudeten-Deutsch’, I seek to refer to the German phenomena of “heimat” otherwise referred to as ‘homeland’. With such associations, indeterminate historical truths surface; thereby raising questions of ‘guilt’, repression, truth, justice, retribution and the subjective nature of memory and identity.

It is my intention to affiliate these grass-root questions of my German heritage with my own cultural identity; an Australian and German identity that maintains an inherent lack of resolve through a German family history that is riddled with sensitive topics of conversation and an Australian identity that reflects a divisional lack of culture. It is here that I seek to engage with fundamental facets underlying the ‘Unheimlich’ (the uncanny); that being, the dichotomy between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the ghostly makeup of one’s own existence, the uncertainty of who one is and what is being experienced. In turn, it is not so much raw historical facts that I am interested in but rather the perpetual doubt surrounding what is right, true, real or factual.



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On my word, I am just that.

Spit on my hand, cross my chest, share my blood.


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'Philosophy thus opposes to its other this transmutation of the drug into a remedy, of the poison into counterpoison',

says Derrida. This is only possible due to the ambiguity of the pharmakon; it already bears its own opposite within

itself. Presenting itself as a poison, it may turn out to be a cure. 'The 'essence' of the pharmakon lies in the way in

which, having no stable essence, no 'proper' characteristics, it is not, in any sense (metaphysical, physical,

chemical, alchemical) of the word, a substance ... It is rather the prior medium in which differentiation in general

is produced' (Dissemination, p.125-6).

This undecidability or doubleness of the pharmakon does not mix two separate elements together. 'If the pharmakon

is ambivalent, it is because it constitutes the medium in which opposites are opposed, the movement and the play

that links them among themselves, reverses them or makes one side cross over into the other (soul/body, good/evil, inside/outside, memory/forgetfulness, speech/writing, etc.) ... The pharmakon is the movement, the locus,

and the play: (the production of) difference. It is the difference of difference' (Dissemination, p.127).

In this undecidability, in this non-substance and non-locality, the pharmakon places itself outside the

dialectical system and opens a labyrinth or an abyss. This does not turn pharmakon into a transcendental.

It is not above the play of delay and difference, rather it is permeated by these. Pharmakon is not the name

for the other, but the place where the other is evoked. (Retrieved 29/04/09 from


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Tamara Lorenz

From the daily progress report I see a table talk, which is dedicated to very normal everyday life, full of doubts

And contemplation. With no guarantee I am trying to give important issues back to myself. Sovereignty is not

Relevant. The laws are unwritten and ignored. The true shape things are a lie. Just because of a jerky relaxation

Between the field of memory and the field of perception there are occurring indefinite characteristics the things.

They rest in their roll, within which the fullness of meaning has switched. It is like they had decided for a life of

Its own. As they would satirize the normal course of life. Even themes, which could be discussed randomly,

Belong to the most normal thing in the world. Though their factors of strangeness are swinging

Between confidence and presumption. Therefore one does not know, if they got up or if they are getting up to

Something. Sometimes they are amusing or they blurb up with a belch, which tastes like bitter orange-jam.

An easy blunder of cultivation in the mind of a catagories-catalog. With a head shiver I hear an appeal to

The centre of the arrangement, that there is from now on another breeze in the air („The show must go on!“).

Without the cognitions of brain-researcher all the other outcomes would be shnick shnack. Fortunately the brain

Produces context constantly, it does not matter if it is real or not.

The conformed fundamental terms are rotating with all the other table talks: everyday occurrences, banality,

Irony is interfering with each other to one superposition. Thus no reason

To crank the dynamo of panic, because it’s not yet time to go.



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Wade Marynowsky

Wade Marynowsky, Meditation for G8, 2008. 20min video performance, Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Japan.

The closest point we could get to the Windsor hotel on the first day of the G8 summit, 07 / 07/ 08.

Performer; Kanichi Kichikawa.

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